JAKÝ PODZIM, TAKOVÁ NABÍDKA. 20% sleva navíc na letní zboží. Slevový kód:
*Slevy platí pouze na zboží obsažené v tomto katalogu do 15. 10. 2023.
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Authorized seller



CROCS shoes has become very popular in internet and in other shopping places and it  has caused a lot of offers to buy cheaper shoes that are visually similar to CROCS, but these shoes are offered in low quality, these are fake and not really CROCS shoes!

"Open24" - is the official CROCS Inc. representative in Latvia. In case of doubt on the originality of the CROCS  shoes do not hesitate to contact us on: klienti@open24.lv , we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Please note that only with the "Authorized CROCS seller" logo marked places you can buy original CROCS shoes.



 The only official online store that offers a 100% authentic CROCS shoes : 

When shopping in this online store - for all shoes are given a 2-year warranty and a 365-day money return guarantee.